Personal Projects

Personal Projects©: It’s about the Process, not the Product


Orion’s unique program develops and hones executive functioning skills through individual learning projects that are planned, researched, and presented to peers and parents every six weeks. Students spend a class period every day targeting their specific learning goals. With individualized mentor support they practice the tools and strategies necessary for success in the classroom and in the future workplace.

The Personal Project program teaches students how to:

  • Create long term plans and schedules
  • Set concrete and measurable goals
  • Track and reflect on their own progress
  • Learn various organizational tools
  • Synthesize complex information into well-designed products
  • Present topics to the community in a compelling and engaging manner


Our graduates often cite Personal Projects as being key to their success in post-Orion endeavors. The skills and tools they learn through this program are easily transferable to all other educational and work settings and have proven to be invaluable.

Personal Projects