We’re a place where friends are made.


Orion Academy is a day school designed to provide a comprehensive program for high school students. 

Our program is designed to target individual social growth, transitions skills and academic excellence.



Tuition doesn’t cover all operating expenses.  The generosity of our community helps bridge the gap.

Do you have questions? Or need to connect with staff at Orion? Use this link to connect with us.

  • “Enrolling in Orion Academy was easily the best thing that has ever happened to me, and my time here has been the best of my life. In just the first few weeks of my sophomore year, I gained more friends than I had in my entire life, and now I have more than I can count. I’ve had some of the best teachers, the best courses, and the best friends at this school. Orion’s courses have been both interesting and informal enough to peak my interest in completing assignments (most of the time).”

    – Class of 2012

  • “One of the highest praises I can give to Orion is that it helped me turn deficits into gifts.”
    – Class of 2011

  • “Life is about experiences, and a kid like me who struggles to understand social interactions, and is afraid of the reactions from others, would not have done well in a large, typical high school. I would have avoided everything that gave me anxiety and would have shut down again. Prom, travel, student council, and drama. These are just some of the things that I have enjoyed here.”
    – Class of 2013