Social learning is integrated into every aspect of the Orion curriculum to allow for immediate social feedback. A dedicated social skills course includes curriculum that covers peer relationships, collaboration, time management, empathy development and more. Our unique program helps students learn appropriate social skills and pragmatic language use in an authentic and purposeful manner. Orion offers your child the opportunity to grow as a student and as a member of a community.


In our transitions program students will build a foundation of knowledge and understanding to help them make healthy decisions throughout their lives. Emphasis is placed on students learning how to apply concepts now and in the future.


Identity & diagnosis

Academic self-advocacy

Identity & appearance

Independent living skills

The 11th grade course makes the connection between personal choices and good health encouraging students to immediately use concepts learned. Students also begin to explore skills and responsibilities inherent in life after high school including time management, college and career planning, and budgeting and household management.

Time management →  College Planning →  Independent living skills = Internship experience

The 12th grade Career and College course supports students as they prepare for life immediately following Orion graduation. Faculty members mentor students as they develop long-term goals. Students learn skills that will help them apply for college, obtain accommodations in college, live independently, apply for jobs, and maintain personal and professional relationships.