Student Programs

Student Programs

After School

Currently Orion Academy offers after school opportunities for academic support and team sport participation.


Enjoy being part of a sports team by joining the after school track program. Participate in races, achieve personal goals and have fun with friends.

After School Study Skills

Strengthen your independent study skills. Spend an hour after school working on class assignments. Orion faculty provides direction, guidance and support.


Student Programs

What are you interested in?

Lunchtime at Orion isn’t just about lunch. It’s also about spending time with other students who have similar interests. Every year students propose new ideas for lunchtime clubs where they can relax and have fun doing and sharing things they enjoy. Popular clubs have included anime, art, sports, movies, creative writing, improv, board games, and community service. There are also academic clubs that support math and Junior Classical League for our Latin scholars.   All clubs are mentored by teachers, providing structure to make socializing easier and stress-free. Everyone has a group to belong to and can be spending time doing what they love with old friends and new.

Dog Program

Student Programs

Why Dog class?

What does this have to do with a college preparatory education for students on the spectrum? Freshman and sophomores take Dog Class once a week, focusing on understanding dog behavior, learning concepts that support good dog training and developing skills needed to be good dog owners. The program examines dog’s social behavior as a metaphor for much of human life. By working with dogs on campus, students can improve their non-verbal communication with people.

Student Programs

Beloved Tofu learned to sneeze on command demonstrating the concept of non-verbal communication.

Buster is a patient and reliable regular in Friday Dog Class.