It is believed that one in 100 children have, or will have, an Autism Spectrum diagnosis. Orion Academy is the first high school in California to provide an education specifically for these students. The program is structured on our understanding of the theoretical basis of neurocognitive disorders. Focus is on remediating social, emotional, and visual–spatial deficits in a safe learning environment.
The Orion community works collaboratively to help students discover and develop their individual gifts and strengths, become self-advocates and realize their full potential. We strive to engage students in an educational experience that provides a path to independence.

Mission Statement

To educate secondary students with NLD, Asperger’s Syndrome and other neurocognitive disorders in a program that equally emphasizes academics, social competency and pragmatic language development.
Mission Statement

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Orion Academy students, who have completed a college preparatory curriculum and upon graduation will:
  1. Show competence in organizational skills that reflect the ability to function independently in social and academic setting
  2. Exhibit competence in reading comprehension, specifically showing the ability to identify the main idea, make inferences and integrate disparate ideas
  3. Demonstrate improved social competency including skills in self-advocacy, independent living and social collaboration
  4. Demonstrate improved skills in the appropriate use of language in a social context applying a variety of communication skills
  5. Be prepared for a variety of post secondary and career opportunities